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Actuary Continued


How to get started

Although having a bachelors degree is highly preferred, it is not required. There are 7 preliminary exams and 3 fellow exams (10 total) that on average take around 8 years to complete. Once you pass the first 2 preliminary exams you will be eligible to begin working as an actuary assistant; other titles may include actuary analyst and actuary associate. Some employers will pay for your testing while you are working and still gaining experience as a junior associate. 

Program information can be found  at the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) and the Society of Actuaries (SOA) websites which contain complete descriptions of the actuary examination systems, syllabus, study materials, registration information, rules, regulations and resources of each exam.


Start Training

Salary Analysis

Senior Level

$140K - $200K+ per year

$80K - $90K per year

Associate Level

1 to 3 years experience

7+ years experience


Entry Level

Mid Level

Senior Level

$65,000 or less per year (bottom 10%)

$108,000 per year (US average)

$193,000 or more per year (top 10%)


Bureau of Labor Statistics


Becoming an actuary is a great career for someone interested in finance & data science! There are tons of challenges for actuaries to solve in different settings, and with a growing market there is a good layer of job security for years to come.


The compensation for actuaries is one of the highest listed on Project Career Path, and with that comes a thorough training path ahead. Although this career path may be 7+ years of full time work and studying for exams you will be handsomely rewarded for your expertise and fiduciary efforts.  

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