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Software Engineer

Start a career as a software engineer! Learn how computer software and web applications are built from scratch using code and collaboration from technical teams. 

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What do Software Engineers do?


Software Engineers, also known as developers or programmers, spend part of their time writing code, but that's not all they do; some days they might not write any code at all. The definition and responsibilities of a software engineer differ at every company. When it comes to writing code, most engineers will use an I.D.E. or an "Integrated Developer Environment" as well as a code repository commonly referred to as "Git" to manage, store, test, and connect their code to a working application. 


Many software engineers will also play a role in fixing bugs, application architecture, visual design, testing, documentation, interacting with customers, and daily stand up meetings.


Engineers at most companies work on technical teams called scrum teams. Building software is collaborative effort between product management, UX design, QA testing, data science, and devOps teams. 

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Why is becoming a software engineer a good career path?

Software engineering scores high on many job satisfaction reports.  If you enjoy solving technical issues and working in team environments then perhaps you should consider software development. Engineering teams get to solve complex problems that can help thousands or even millions of users depending on the company. Although the pay is good, there is also some gratification to be had as a contributor on a technical team . The software industry will continue to grow for years to come; the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates a 24% growth by 2026

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