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Software Engineer Continued

How to get started

There are many schools and online platforms to earn your software development education. Some employers do prefer a degree in computer science especially for internships, but having a degree is not required by many employers. You can begin your coding journey as soon as today! 

Coding bootcamps offer a great way to learn about software development in a short amount of time; programs usually offer full-time and part-time options that range between 3 to 9 months. The average cost for most coding bootcamps in between $5,000 and $15,000. Companies like Career Karma help with all the research to goes into comparing different boot camp options.


There are also courses online for only a few hundred dollars through companies like Coursera, Codecademy, Udemy, Udacity, and many more. Free options include youtube coding tutorials and Free Code Camp.


Salary Analysis

Senior Level

$140K - $200K+ per year

$80K - $90K per year

Associate Level

1 to 3 years experience

7+ years experience



Bureau of Labor Statistics

Entry Level

$65,000 or less per year (bottom 10%)

Mid Level

$108,000 per year (US average)

Senior Level

$193,000 or more per year (top 10%)

Start Training

Becoming a software engineer is a great career for someone interested in solving technical problems in a team environment! There are tons of challenges for developers to solve in different settings, and with a growing market there is a good layer of job security for years to come.


The compensation for software engineers is one of the highest listed on Project Career Path. There are tons a niche areas of software development including front end, back end, and full stack engineering which is most commonly associated with programming languages like Java, PHP, and JavaScript.  There are  more specific titles that use very specific technologies such as .Net Developer, AEM Developer, Sitecore Developer, FileNet Developer, Salesforce Developer, integration engineer, etc. 

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